Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

“My God what are you guys doing here” still crying sha
“We thought you’d need some back flip help” Bright said
I laughed and gave him a friendly punch
“Oh whatever” i said jokingly
I looked at Charisma, she was just quiet to say anything
“Charis?? Look am so so sorry.. I was trying to get on phone with you so i could apologize but..”
Bingo! I got her attention
“Chris you know i love you too right?” She said crying
“Yeah.. I know i messed up right? and was trying to please people who ain’t ready to give a sh*t about how you feel.. Am so sorry” We hugged each each other while Bright was busy screaming
“I helped ooo… Friends hug!!”
“Let’s make magic!” Charisma boldly said

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We went out to the field where the competition would take place, got our costumes ready and trying to warm up
“Where’s your mom?” Charisma said
“Yea, where’s she?” Bright interrupted
“Uhmm guys i think we gonna do all by ourselves”
“Oh no.. You won’t!” A familiar voice said.. It was Mmasinachi
My eyes popped out, my lips were widely opened
“You mean you will dance with us?” I said
“Oh yes.. My group are just bunch of scums.. And besides your fleshy bodies will do well to still keep me on top” she said jokingly
“Excuse me??” Charisma interrupted
“Our fleshy bodies.. What do you take us for huh?” Trying to punch Sina.. I was pulling her back
“Charis please understand we need to win this right?” She looked at me and calmed down
“Because it’s you” she said
“Okay let’s do this!”

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After different groups and their showcases.. We were next in line..we did our group hugs and Sina tried putting up her own steps to suite into the dance
Finally, we were called out, just then i remembered the doctor’s words “Be yourself…do not please anyone to stay on track, life’s a journey.. You have your race, i have live it now you’re alive!”
I felt this inner peace within ..Just then we were at the stage then the music started
Sina started off…….

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